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ANALECTA GRONINGANA ad ius graeco-romanum pertinentia, J.H.A. LOKIN, Groningen 2010, edidit Th.E. van Bochove.

The present selection of Studies in Roman and Byzantine Law would never have appeared without the highly appreciated help and assistance of Tom van Bochove. With disinterested energy he spent months not only in editing the collected articles but also in checking and, where necessary, correcting the numerous references while making some valuable additions as well: sometimes reference is made to articles which appeared at a later date. The happy result of this painstaking labour is this handsome volume of a number of contributions of J.H.A. Lokin to Roman and Byzantine Law.

It should be observed that the articles by H.J. Scheltema which are often cited below are also to be found in: H.J. Scheltema OPERA MINORA ad iuris historiam pertinentia, collegerunt  N. van der Wal, J.H.A. Lokin, B.H. Stolte, Roos Meijering, Groningen (CHIMAIRA) 2004. The OPERA MINORA, including the monograph 'L'enseigenement de droit des antécesseurs' (Byzantina Neerlandica, Series B: Studia,I, Leiden 1970) are not mentioned in the references originally made before 2004.



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