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ANATOLIUS and THE EXCERPTA VATICANA ET LAURENTIANA, Edition and Commentary by Jan H.A. Lokin and Roos Meijering



'This book consists of three parts. What they have in common is their concern with the collection of texts that we propose to call EXCERPTA VATICANA ET LAURENTIANA. This collection was first published by Ferrini in 1883 under the name of ANECDOTA LAURENTIANA ET VATICANA, after the manuscripts in which he had found them: the Codex Laurentianus 80.6 and the Codex Vaticanus Palatinus 19. For the sake of brevity we shall refer to them as VL, V standing for the Codex Vaticanus, L for the Codex Laurentianus. This order of the sigla, which gives priority to the Vaticanus, was chosen to reflect our findings about the relation between the two manuscripts involved.

We share the assumption already formulated by Ferrini, that the majority of the VL texts have their origin in the Greek Codex version of antecessor Anatolius. Yet the new edition presented in Part I does not attempt to reconstruct the original sixth-century fragments or any other which the compiler of VL may have used as a source. It includes fragments that are definitely not by Anatolius. The accompanying English translation also is primarily meant to reflect the late-Byzantine compilation VL. However most legal historians who take any interest in VL, are likely to do so because of its being based on Anatolius' Codex Summa. As a compromise we have therefore placed footnotes at phrases for which we hesitate to hold Anatolius responsible.

These footnotes refer the reader to the second part of the book, a brief philological commentary on those instances where, in our opinion, the text of VL, deviates from what must have been in the original sources used by its compiler.

Finally, part III, deals with the compilation VL, in terms of what it says about the Codex work of Anatolius. (...)'

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